Garden Bird 5 Piece Wooden Decoration Set


Bring some nature into your home with this box set of 5 beautiful wooden decorations of some of our favourite UK garden birds; the Robin, Blue Tit, Goldfinch, Sparrow and Woodpecker.

On the back of each decoration is the symbolic meaning for each bird. From the Robin being a sign of growth and new beginnings, to the Woodpecker symbolising great strength and determination. The positive messages on the back make them lovely keepsakes for friends and family.

The box set makes the perfect gift for bird and nature lovers and those looking for stand out pieces for their tree, garland or wreath.

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The original illustrations were hand painted and then printed in the UK on sustainably sourced birch wood, allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through.

The box contains 5 lengths of caramel coloured string for hanging.

Box dimensions: 107x107x20mm.

Created by Fearless Flamingo.